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Media Inquiries

For media requests, please send an email to   with details of the request.

Fast Facts


We may already have answered some of your questions about us – please check out our One Pager for a quick overview, or our Info Packet for a more In-Depth introduction to Harmony Public Schools!


One Pager

One Pager Download Link to our One Pager

Info Packet

Info PacketDownload Link to our Information Packet

Creative Services

Within the Communications Department is the team of staff called CREATIVE SERVICES. This group is led by the Assistant Director of Communications for Creative Services, and includes a Video Production Manager, Graphic Designer and Web & Digital Media Specialist.

We focus on needs of the Central Office CEO, Chiefs, and Departments, Cluster Superintendents and Directors, and Campus-level items that will go to a wide, public audience (mail outs, ads, web items, signage for exterior or lobby). Please note that these things can be designed or guided by us, but you are still responsible for getting them printed, posted, sent to publications, etc.


The PR team has already created a large volume of collateral for Central Office, Harmony Districts, and various Harmony Campuses.

We offer this collection to each campus, either as the catalyst for new ideas, or as a downloadable, and printable resource.

The collection ranges from small web banners that are useful for Social Media, all the way up to large posters that will look great decorating your campus lobby, various walls, or any empty spot that could use both a splash of color, and a few inspirational words.

To access our collection, please click through to the gallery!

How We Help


  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Note Cards
  • Mascots
  • Billboards
  • Print or Web Ads


  • Get a blog up and running
  • post new content from your department
  • update the website section for your department with new event dates or info

Video & Photography

  • help you plan your videos and photos
  • provide a list of interview questions
  • film big district events
  • produce a 1 to 3 minute video of highlights from your big event


If you need guidance or help troubleshooting, email
Courtney Sandifer.

  • Gather links and screenshots to send to help explain.
Please email Courtney Sandifer for general questions about Creative Services.


We love to share all the great news about Harmony —

Here's a collection of published stories about us!!



The color palette is an essential element for setting the tone of the brand and establishing a recognizable identity. Consistent use of color enhances the strength of the Harmony identity.

To maintain a seamless color identity throughout all print and web assets, use the designated CMYK (print), or RGB (web, digital media) color values listed below.

District or campus logos are available by clicking on the Harmony Public Schools logo above.

The Harmony color palette does not include exact spot Pantone colors for use.

Please instruct printers and other suppliers to match the CMYK values!


(0, 100, 100, 0)

(237, 28, 39)



(100, 79, 6, 0)

(7, 79, 154)



(3, 11, 100, 0)

(251, 216, 0)



(0, 60, 30, 100)

(0, 0, 0)



Theme: Get to Know Harmony


  • #WeAreHarmony
  • #HarmonyBack2School

Website Banner

  • #weareharmony Get to Know Us

Editorial Calendar

Harmony on Twitter



Large-scale for Roadside Advertisement

  • repeated exposure
  • great visibility

Billboards: English — Statewide Use

Billboards: English — various Austin campuses


More to say? Brochures help you tell the whole story.

  • 6-panel tri-folds
  • Folds and panels help organize and highlight information
  • small, easily distributable

Elementary: Spanish

Elementary Enrollment Brochure in Spanish 1
Elementary Enrollment Brochure in Spanish 2

Elementary: English

Elementary Enrollment Brochure in English 1
Elementary Enrollment Brochure in English 2

Middle School: Spanish

Middle School Enrollment Brochure in Spanish 1
Middle School Enrollment Brochure in Spanish 2

Middle School: English

High School: Spanish

High School Enrollment Brochure in Spanish 1
High School Enrollment Brochure in Spanish 2

High School: English

High School Enrollment Brochure in English 1
High School Enrollment Brochure in English 2


Reach new people - anytime, anywhere.

  • easy to distribute - in person or by mail
  • simple, easy to read
  • pack a lot of information in a small space
  • lots of sizes available


Affordable in bulk

  • easy distribution: by mail or in person
  • reach a lot of people without breaking the bank


Hard to miss

  • A poster speaks for itself
  • Catch their eye with an inspirational, or informational message
  • Perfect on walls, doors, or bulletin boards

Core Values: with photo

Core Values: Photo — with message

STEM for All


Visual Impact

  • easy to create colorful, attractive designs
  • easy to present and maintain eye contact with a large audience
  • Captivate your Audience

Promotional Items

Useful and Fun

  • Mass outreach at a low cost
  • Tactile
  • Increased brand recognition

Social Media Graphics

Spread the message

  • reach students and parents
  • inspire
  • inform
  • keep in touch!



  • highly visible
  • easily transportable
  • short, quick messages


Highly Dynamic

Video brings together two things that catch our attention like nothing else: movement, and sound.

About Us Videos

Broad Prize Video <br> June 2017
Charting a Course Toward the Future: Full Version
Charting a Course Toward the Future: 3 minute version
Did You Know?<br>Explanation of Lottery

Cluster Highlight Videos

DFW District <br> 2016 - 2017 <br> Highlight Video

Elementary | Computer Science Introduction

Web Banners

Subtle repetition

  • Message of the Month
  • Inspirational
  • short, to the point
  • great for campaigns

Small Web Banners

#HarmonyCares | version 1
#HarmonyCares | version 2
Harmony Science Academy Lubbock | Enrollment Ad

Now Accepting Applications for 2018 - 2019 Enrollment

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