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Harmony Public Schools is a highly recognized and award-winning public charter school that hires top quality teachers, administrators, and other professionals. Harmony strives to provide personal growth and professional success to recent graduates, alumni, experienced professionals, and seasoned experts seeking new career opportunities. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, professional support, and opportunities for career advancement.

Current Employees:

If you are a current employee who is interested in a position listed, please apply using the TEAMS Employee Service Center.

Employment Application

Thank you for considering Harmony Public Schools. We want the online application process to be a positive experience for you. Please take a moment to read these instructions before beginning the online application process.

Materials to Gather Before Starting:

  • Current resume
  • Colleges/Universities attended, graduation date, degree earned, major
  • To/from dates for teaching (student teaching if not experienced), non-teaching experience, name of organization, name of supervisor and contact information
  • Certification type, level, description, date of issue and date of expiration (if any)
  • Minimum of three references

Application Process

  • New Users must create a secure Login
  • Select position of interest
  • Select location of interest
  • Upload all required documentation and submit your application
  • Take Gallup assessment (if applicable)
  • Your application will be evaluated by hiring manager for further steps.

Pooled vs. Posted Positions

  • Pooled Positions are positions which are accepting applications year around, this includes teachers, paraprofessionals, and substitutes.
  • Posted positions are created as they become available, this includes administration and professional positions.

It is the policy of Harmony Public Schools not to discriminate on the basis of any legally-protected classification, including race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability, age, or genetic information in its educational programs and employment practices as required by Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; Titles I and V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended (ADA); the Age Discrimination in Education Act of 1975, as amended (ADEA); Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act in Education of 2008 (GINA); and any other legally-protected classification or status protected by applicable law. In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at Harmony Public Schools will be based on merit, performance, qualifications, and/or abilities. Harmony Public Schools will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals in compliance with the ADA, as amended.

Es la política de las Escuelas Públicas de Harmony de no discriminar sobre la base de cualquier otra clasificación protegida por la ley, incluyendo raza, color, religión, nacionalidad de origen, sexo o discapacidad, edad o información genética en sus programas educativos y prácticas de empleo según lo requerido por el Título VI y Título VII de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964, y sus enmiendas; el Título IX de las Enmiendas en la Educación de 1972; el Título I y el Título V de la Ley de Estadounidenses con Discapacidades de 1990 y sus enmiendas (ADA), La Ley contra la Discriminación por Edad en la Educación de 1975, y sus enmiendas (ADEA); la Sección 504 de la Ley de Rehabilitación de 1973; y sus enmiendas; el Título II de la Ley contra la Discriminación por Información Genética de 2008 (GINA); y cualquier otra clasificación o estado legalmente protegido aplicable por la ley. Con el fin de proporcionar igualdad de oportunidades de empleo y avance a todas las personas, las decisiones de empleo en Harmony se basarán en el mérito, el rendimiento, las cualificaciones y / o habilidades de los solicitantes de empleo y empleados. Las Escuelas Públicas de Harmony harán adaptaciones razonables para personas cualificadas en cumplimiento con la ADA, y sus enmiendas. Los empleados pueden plantear inquietudes y presentar reportes sin temor a represalias. Se recomienda a todos los empleados que tengan preguntas o inquietudes sobre cualquier tipo de discriminación en el lugar de trabajo que comuniquen estos asuntos al Director de su campus o al Coordinador de la Sección 504 del Título IX, según lo apropiado.

Grow Your Own Teacher

Welcome to the GYOT program!

GYOT candidates go through a highly-selective application, including a written essay submission and interview.

Key Selection Dates
March 01, 2020 Application Materials due

Time Left


Harmony Public School's Grow Your Own Teacher Program (GYOT) is an innovative fellowship developed to prepare HPS's future educators and leaders. Our program provides a competitive financial opportunity – up to $20,000 for four years – for current HPS students and/or HPS graduates to pursue a bachelor's degree that leads to teacher certification.

In addition, GYOT participants will receive professional development from central office experts, one-on-one coaching from a highly qualified teacher mentor, and networking opportunities with student colleagues from across Texas. Participants will earn teacher's certification before returning to serve as an HPS classroom teacher.

To find a campus near you...


Harmony Public Schools are high performing K-12 college preparatory charter schools focusing on math, science, engineering, and computer technologies. For more than a decade, our schools have provided students from under-served communities the opportunity to excel in their studies in a small classroom environment focused on providing the skills they need to succeed in life. With a college acceptance rate of 100 percent, Harmony Public Schools have earned the reputation of providing a distinct, high-quality education. Our schools also have the honor of being Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (T-STEM) field pioneer schools.

Purpose of the Grow Your Own Teacher Program

As per the Vision statement of each open-enrollment charter held by Harmony Public Schools (“HPS”):

The mission of [HPS] is to prepare students for academic success in their future education, enable students to have a broad spectrum of options for their future endeavors, and to prepare them to be effective, responsible, and productive citizens.

In support of this mission and vision, the HPS Board of Directors has established the Grow Your Own Teacher Educational Assistance Program (“the GYOT Program”), which identifies and supports students and graduates of the HPS program, assisting them in attaining an undergraduate degree and a Texas teaching certificate, and then returning them to HPS in an instructional capacity that uses their experience and success in the HPS program to deliver high quality instruction to HPS students.

Graphic of the Grow Your Own Teacher requirements

Harmony GYOT is an innovative program designed to identify and develop HPS students and graduates who are interested in pursuing a teaching career with Harmony Public Schools. GYOT participants receive professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities as they complete their requirements for teacher certification. Upon completion of their degree, participants return to Harmony as qualified teachers to deliver high quality instruction to HPS students.

  • Professional Development

    Selected candidates will receive comprehensive professional development to prepare them to begin teaching on Day 1.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Participants will have access to Harmony network throughout Texas as well as access to local Harmony campuses. They will be able to interact with teachers, principals, and central office administrators before graduation!

  • One-on-One coaching

    Each participant will be assigned to a highly qualified mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout duration of the program—allowing participant to learn invaluable lessons from an experienced and successful participant.

  • Financial Assistance

    Harmony provides a financial assistance package of up to $5,000 per year while only requiring a two year commitment post-graduation.

  • You are Harmony!

    Only HPS students and graduates like YOU are eligible to take advantage of this program. As a student and alumni, you understand our Harmony culture, traditions, and high academic expectation. GYOT will allow you to continue growing at Harmony while helping others grow along the way!

  • Extra Income

    GYOT participants will work up to 19 hours at an HPS campus each week. Interns will receive bi-weekly compensation depending on exact number of hours that they work.

You will be eligible for a reimbursement of up to $20,000 to pay for tuition and fees. ($5,000 per year--$2,500 per semester). In addition, you may work up to 19 hours each week—earning $10 per hour.

In order to be eligible for GYOT, you must be an HPS high school senior who has attended HPS both his/her junior and senior year of high school and has maintained a 2.5 grade point average. You are also eligible if you are a GYOT graduate who is completing his first bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university, has maintained a 2.5 grade point average, and previously completed both his junior and senior years of high school at an HPS campus.

HPS will consider several factors in deciding what you will be teaching, including your declared major, standardized test scores, personal preference, and availability of positions at the campus level. HPS cannot guarantee specific placements but reasonable efforts will be made to match teaching assignment with your desired preference.

Our Director College and Career Success will provide in-person and online professional development training to help you be successful in our education setting. They will have periodic “check-ins” throughout the school year to ensure that you are progressing towards your career goals. In addition, you will be paired with a teacher mentor to support you at your local campus. This individual will provide mentoring and feedback to you as you complete the program.

Each year of service equates to 50% of the financial assistance that HPS provides. If you do not complete two years of teaching service to an HPS campus, you will be responsible for repaying entire assistance that you received. If you only complete one year, you will be responsible for paying 50% of the assistance that you received.

No. This program is only open to HPS students and/or graduates.

At the end of your teaching commitment, you will be able to choose the future direction of your career. However, our hope is that you will continue to build your career at Harmony Public Schools, increasing your career responsibilities in leadership roles.

Candidate Profile

HPS evaluates candidates holistically but note that there is a minimum 3.0 requirement that you must satisfy in order to be eligible.

For all applicants, we will reviewing the following:

  • Class Rank
  • Strong GPA
  • Rigorous Coursework
  • Extracurricular involvement, work experience, and leadership roles
  • Deep desire to give back to community through education
  • Willingness to learn and work hard
  • Communication skills
  • Recommendation letters
  • Application Essay
  • Application Completeness — all information is submitted in a timely and correct manner
  • GYOT Application Scoring Rubric

Required Documents

Please complete the online application and then submit all required documents to:

For all applicants, we will be reviewing the following:

  • Personal Essay
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation—at least one from an HPS teacher
  • Verification of College Enrollment
  • HPS Transcript—includes high school GPA and attendance record
  • Official college or university transcript(s)—including GPA (College Students Only)

refer a teacher

March 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019

We are looking for talented and dedicated teachers to join Harmony Public Schools. If you know someone who would be a great fit for our organization, you could earn $350.—  for referring him or her. Please read the steps carefully to learn more about our eligibility criteria, nomination window, and stipend payment.

Referral Process:

  • Refer a Teacher Window is from March 1, 2019 to July 31, 2019
  • Fill out Google form COMPLETELY (individuals will not receive stipend if form is incomplete or has incorrect information)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only HPS employees are eligible to refer teacher candidates. Individuals may only refer teachers for this incentive.
  • Hiring managers such as Area Superintendents, Human Resources Directors, Principals, and Assistant Principals on hiring committees are not eligible for this incentive program.
  • Non-hiring Central/District Office employees are eligible for this incentive program.
  • Only the first employee to recommend a teacher candidate will be awarded stipend. Multiple individuals will not receive a stipend for referring the same teacher.
  • Employee will not be awarded stipend for recommending teachers already referred by Harmony recruitment team.
  • Referred teacher must begin to work on or before the first day of the 2019 - 2020 work calendar.

Stipend Payment:

  • Employee will receive stipend after referred teacher has completed a minimum of 90 work days at a Harmony campus
  • Stipend will not be awarded in event that candidate:
    1. Does not accept the job offer
    2. Leaves his/her role for any reason prior to 90 work days at a Harmony campus
    3. Is terminated for any reason
  • Stipend will be paid out in April 2020 paycheck
Refer a Teacher Now!

Why Work at Harmony Public Schools?

  • Collaborative, caring, and safe work environment with support and mentoring
  • Many opportunities for advancement, career growth and development
  • Schools of CHOICE with strong parental involvement
  • High performing schools
  • State of the art technology
  • Comprehensive health package and benefits
  • TRS participant

Throughout the year Harmony Public Schools continuously seeks high-quality applicants to fill a wide range of positions available at our 56 campuses and many departments. We encourage you to explore the Job Seekers section of the website to learn more information about career opportunities and the benefits of working in Harmony Public Schools.

HPS Benefits

Harmony Public Schools offer excellent benefits:

Salary Schedule for Certified Teachers

Click Here to see the 2019-2020 Teacher Salary Schedule.


  • Teachers holding a valid (standard, 1 year, probationary, lifetime which is not expired) Texas teaching certificate at the time of hiring/rehiring will be entitled to the salary schedule.
  • HPS may hire teachers with a bachelor’s degree who do not hold a valid teaching certification. However, non-certified teachers will receive a $2000 reduction from the base salary schedule.
  • Texas standard certified Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, and generalist teachers are eligible an additional stipend of $500, if they hold an ESL endorsement in their standard certifications.
  • The Texas teaching certificate must be reflected on the SBEC’s website.

Advanced Degrees:

  • Teachers who hold a Master’s degree will receive an additional $1000 annually.
  • Teachers who hold a Doctoral degree will receive an additional $2500 annually (no additional $1000 for Masters).


  • All years of claimed creditable years of experience must be documented. It is the employee’s responsibility to submit original documentation (service records, employment letters, etc.) Foreign documents must be translated into English, transcripts, and diplomas must be evaluated by an evaluation institution in US. It is the responsibility of the foreign authority to provide relevant, and accurate information before any credit is granted. Such experience is considered on a case by case basis.
  • Service Records and or Employment Verification Letters should be on a company letterhead, have a physical signature, state the position the employee held, as well as the dates they worked there.

Staff Engagement

Continuous efforts are made throughout the year to recognize employees who make an extra effort to contribute to the success of Harmony Public Schools at the end of each semester. HPS encourages all faculty/staff members to participate in team building activities to create a positive, caring and welcoming school culture.


Harmony Public School’s Staff Recognition Program is designed to create a positive school environment and increase staff motivation, retention rate, and loyalty to the school system in order to better serve students for greater academic achievement, and social development.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a special week for the recognition of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in the community in general.

This week is set aside to show respect for the teaching profession in general. It focuses on understanding how difficult it is to deal with young people who have very different minds, sometimes complicated personal lives and backgrounds.

This week will give attention to the fact that teachers work without cessation to help children reach academic milestones, develop awareness of different cultures and cultivate personal knowledge.

It is the responsibility of Harmony Public Schools to have a well organized Teacher Appreciation Week for all staff members.

Faculty members are strongly encouraged to attend all team building activities including Thanksgiving Events, Winter break Events, School Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner engagements, Cooking Classes, Sports, Camping Trips, Parent Teacher Conferences, Appreciation Events, and meetings or events sponsored by school administrators.

Traveling is the best educational experience. Nothing in a classroom can compare with actually seeing the world. Traveling abroad can have beneficial outcomes for employees who get the privilege. It gives staff a different perspective and a better understanding of history. It shows diversity, differences in languages and gives people insight to the rest of the world around them. Visiting a different country, learning about contrasting ways of living and thinking, and perhaps integrating these experiences into their own value systems. This research is supported by the valuable feedback given from Harmony Public School’s teachers who have traveled with students to places such as Italy, Spain, Greece and even Mexico!

Record Request Forms

Employee Record Request Form

Before submitting the form please fill it out thoroughly, provide accurate dates and select a method of delivery.

Missing or inaccurate information may delay the process.

How do I request a service record?

You must fill out our online form, sign it, and request that original service records be sent by mail, email, or fax.

How long does it take to receive my records once I request them?

The HR team works diligently to send your request as soon as possible. Please be aware that processing times vary. Upon receipt of your request, an email will be sent letting you know the estimated processing time.

What if I need a verification of employment for loan purposes, etc.?

The company making the request may email or fax the form.

Type of Correspondence Address
USPS: Human Resources Dept.
Attn: Records
9321 W Sam Houston Pkwy S
Houston, TX 77099
Fax: (713) 904-2415 ATTN: Records
Employee Records Request Form

Leave Request Forms


To request Bereavement leave, an employee must complete an Employee Request For Leave Form and submit this to
Employee Request for Leave Form

Emergency Leave

To request Emergency leave, an employee must complete an Employee Request For Leave Form as well as provide documentation of the natural disaster and submit this to
Employee Request for Leave Form

FMLA Leave

To request FMLA leave, an employee must complete an Employee Request For Leave Form and have their doctor complete the Department of Labor’s WH-380-E form (for employee) or the Department of Labor’s WH-380-F form (for a family member), and submit it to

Upon approval of your FMLA request, Short Term Disability Information will be shared with you and you will be forwarded to the benefits department.

Documentation for any of the above leave types may also be faxed or mailed to:

Type of Correspondence Address
USPS: Human Resources Dept.
Attn: Records
9321 W Sam Houston Pkwy S
Houston, TX 77099
Fax: (713) 904-2415 ATTN: Leave

Should you have any questions regarding leaves, please email the Human Resources Department at

Upcoming Job Fairs

For your convenience we will be hosting the job fairs at several locations and on different dates. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to interview with principals and campus staff.

The first fairs for this year have been scheduled!

If the area nearest you doesn't appear below, no fairs have been scheduled yet: check back often!

Choose the area nearest you:

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