Harmony Public Schools

Why Harmony?

Every child isn’t the same. So why should every school be?

Harmony Public Schools believes each student can achieve their own unique, full potential through a caring and collaborative learning environment that emphasizes personalized learning and innovative instructional methods.

Our award-winning PreK-12 curriculum places a heavy emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to prepare students for college success and equip them with highly sought-after job skills for their future careers.


We serve Pre-K to 12th grade students across 6 districts. Now is the time, start your student's future. Apply now to enroll in our lottery process.

College Acceptance Rate Among Graduating Seniors
Graduation Rate Among High School Seniors, Well Above the National Average of 84 Percent.
of Harmony Alumni Who are the First in Their Family to Attend College, More than Double the National Average.

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